PS App Gets PS5 Screenshot And Video Support


PS App: Yesterday (23), Sony announced that the PS App now supports PS5 video and screenshot sharing. With this, users have the option to link the console to the mobile app in order to sync all screenshots automatically via the cloud. The novelty was already in testing in October last year, but only now was officially made available.

The functionality is currently only available in the Americas, but should arrive in Europe and other regions in the coming days. Those who want to enable sharing must go to “Captures and Streams” in the PlayStation 5’s settings and enable automatic upload. Then, just authorize the application and make new captures to start appearing.

It is worth noting that files saved by the cloud are only stored in the app for 14 days. After that, they are only accessible through the console itself. In addition, player clips are limited to three minutes in length. To ensure the files don’t disappear, users can download the media straight to their phone, making it easy to share on any social network or even WhatsApp.

Previously, the PlayStation 5 allowed the transfer of clips and images only using an external USB drive — such as a thumb drive or external hard drive, for example. It is also worth remembering that the DualSense Share button only brings the option of sharing via Twitter and YouTube.

The new PS App was officially launched in October 2021 as a better alternative to social interactions in the PlayStation ecosystem. Among the app’s features are text and voice chat, native PlayStation Store integration, and the ability to manage console downloads remotely. It is available for free for Android and iOS devices.