PS 5 Sent To YouTuber Broke In The First Tests


YouTuber Jeremy Penter announced that the PlayStation 5 that was sent to him broke down during the first tests. Sony has sent a new promotion unit to YouTuber.

PlayStation 5, Sony’s next-generation game console, will be available in a few countries, especially the USA, as of today. However, Sony has already sent the promotional units of the PlayStation 5 to YouTubers and game publishers.

YouTuber Jeremy Penter, who has 709 thousand subscribers on the YouTube channel ACG, where he shared the game reviews, announced that the PlayStation 5 promotion unit sent to him was broken during the first tests.

YouTuber Jeremy Penter’s PlayStation 5 broke down in the first tests

According to Penter’s statements, the PS5 had a problem trying to rebuild its database while storing and running games on an external drive during tests. Then the PS5, which started to experience booting and network problems, eventually became completely unusable.

As you can imagine, Penter directly contacted Sony’s support team after the problem, but the promotional unit would have become irreparable so Sony sent a new PlayStation 5 to Penter.

Since promotional units are usually first party products of game consoles, it is quite normal that various problems can arise. In fact, another publisher recently announced that it stopped projecting images on the screen despite the Xbox Series X that it tested. We will be able to see more clearly whether some units of the PlayStation 5 are indeed defective when the console is available for sale.

Video where YouTuber explains that PlayStation 5 is broken

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