Provide extra protection with Google Secure Folder


Google has launched what it calls a Secure Folder so that Android users can better protect their critical documents, such as identity documents. The feature was announced in June. The software giant believes that its new tool will play an important role especially in developing countries where mobile devices are shared.

Secure Folder is accessed through the Google Files application. Documents placed in this folder are protected with a four-digit PIN code. As soon as users log out of the Google Files application, the Secure Folder is locked and users need to enter a code to access the folder again.

The target audience of the feature developed by Google’s Next Billion Users product team is women. The statement “Sharing his personal device with his wife, siblings or children is often a cultural expectation for women,” stated in the statement made for the announcement of the feature. Google says this feature will also help parents who give their phones to their kids or those who want to protect their important documents more tightly.

Google made the announcement of the Files App, which offers the Secure Folder feature, as part of the Android Go initiative in 2017. However, this application has turned into a useful tool for all Android users over time. The application, which provides quick access to downloaded files, received files, applications, images, video and audio documents, also offers suggestions to open storage space. According to information from Google, the app has so far deleted more than 1 trillion files to collect “digital mess”.

Google currently offers its Secure Folder with the beta tag. The feature is planned to be opened to more users in the coming weeks.


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