Proves That This Character Is Stronger Than Homelander


Becca’s death was a devastating twist on The Boys season 2 finale and the hint of what will come next, not just for Billy and Ryan, but for dangerously volatile Homelander and The Seven’s new look.

Most important to Ryan’s part of the Homelander / Billy Butcher story dynamic is that there’s a big clue in the The Boys ending that Ryan may be even more powerful than Vought’s Superman stand-in.

Not only is he capable of defeating Stormfront, a formerly mostly invulnerable I knew, but the way in which his powers manifest speaks of him becoming the most powerful character on The Boys show.

As The Boys have been careful to establish, Homelander was the product of intense experimentation and Vought training. He was forged in an abusive environment and his humanity was stripped away until his superpowers and efficiency were at the fore.

That Ryan can manifest as much power as he did in The Boys finale without that kind of training, in addition to the earlier moment in which he shoved Homelander in anger, suggests that his starting point is already well beyond where Homelander.

If he continues down a similar path, and Billy will have to do a lot to prevent it from happening, given the possible impact of Becca’s death, Ryan has the potential to become something really scary in the future of The Boys.

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