Protested Because His Father Has Negative Influence in Thailand, Agency Opens Up About Sitala H1-KEY


One of the girl group members who will debut, Sitala from H1-KEY has recently been involved in controversy because of her late father’s political views.

Sitala is a member of the girl group that will soon debut from the Grand Line Group, H1-KEY.

However, Sitala’s joining in the girl group has received a lot of criticism, both from Korean and international netizens, because it is known that Sitala’s late father participated in supporting the anti-democracy campaign in Thailand.

Sital’s father is said to be a high-ranking official who supported Thailand to run under a military dictatorship.

In response to this, Grand Line Group released an official statement to answer various criticisms from netizens on Sitala’s debut in the South Korean girl group, H1-KEY.

“Hello, this is H1-KEY agency GLG.

First, we bow our heads to apologize to everyone who may have been hurt and offended by recent events. We also wish the peace and prosperity of the Thai people.

We would like to mention that due to the complexity of this matter, which involves the involvement of H1-KEY member Sitala and her late father in matters such as Thai politics, government, economy, and society, it will take time for the agency to fully understand the issues at hand, and we are very careful. be careful in dealing with the problem.

As soon as we received concerns from Thai citizens regarding this matter, the agency began to closely examine Sitala’s late father and his past actions, the influence he might have had on him while Sitala was a minor, etc. After examining the details, we have decided that it is wrong to put Sitala in a disadvantageous situation solely because of her late father’s actions. The agency believes that it would be extreme to hold Sitala responsible for events that she did not commit. As a result, there will be no member changes to H1-KEY.

Furthermore, the agency would like to firmly emphasize that Sitala chose her father as a role model because her father had a long career as a respected actor and director in the arts, not because of his political activities.

Right now, Sitala was reflecting on herself while thinking about how far the recent troubles had progressed. He also learned about the realities of Thailand’s political climate.

The Sitala we know at our agency is loyal and courteous. He loves his home country and is proud of Thai culture and Thai people. He has always stated that one of his biggest motivations for his success is making Thailand more known to people around the world, and bringing warmth to Thai people. He has made tireless efforts to fulfill his passionate dream. We sincerely hope that everyone will support Sitala so that her efforts are not in vain.

Finally, GLG also promised to be more careful in handling the problems of K-Pop fans both at home and abroad.

Once again, we wish for peace and prosperity in Thailand.”, explained the agency regarding the matter.