PROTESTE Gives Tips On How To Reduce Your Cell Phone Bill


PROTESTE: If the cell phone was already a must-have item before the pandemic, after the new isolation measures began, it has become a component of our body: to order food, watch movies and chat with our friends. However, there is momentum!

PROTESTE, an organization that has been working in consumer protection for 20 years, has developed some simple procedures that, adopted without any effort, are capable of reducing expenses with this convenience. And the first step is to opt for a plan compatible with your user profile.

“If the operator offers a promotional value, be aware of the term of the offer, as well as the monthly fee and data allowance at the end of the promotion. Before contracting a plan, also ask for all the conditions in writing”, guides the specialist of PROTESTE, Daniel Barros.


If you want to save, but want to stay with the same operator, compare the packages and check if it has one more affordable for your profile. But, before migrating to another plan, check the loyalty period and the possible costs of terminating the contract. When the first bill of the new plan arrives, check if what is being charged matches what was offered, warns Barros.

Check out some more tips:

Make the most of the available Wi-Fi networks to avoid exhausting your data packet. Don’t be shy about asking for the password of the places where you go.
Set the messaging apps’ video auto-plays to run only when you’re using Wi-Fi.
If you are in the habit of watching series or movies online, try to download them in advance on the Wi-Fi network, and then watch them offline.
Make use of messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, instead of using minutes, bonuses or mobile credits. Whenever possible, make free voice calls.
For more information on consumption and analysis of products and services, see the PROTESTE website.


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