How do we protect our body and mental health in the quarantine process?


Because of the coronavirus epidemic, people around the world have almost closed themselves to home. In our country, the situation is not very different, many people work from home or go to work and school. It is not easy to get used to this change.

Those who think they have somehow contacted the coronavirus or may have had it are recommended to stay in quarantine for 14 days. Other people also need to take precautions to avoid getting infected or become a carrier.

Getting used to staying at home, studying or working at home is also an important part of this stay. Like every change, this change has its own challenges. One of them is to become familiar with a different behavior. There are things we can do to adapt to this change.

Strengthen your immune system
You need to keep your immune system strong, especially if there is no one to interact with, chat or socialize with. According to researches, people with weak social relationships are also more susceptible to physical illnesses.

For this reason, you need to keep your immune system strong in the process that you isolate yourself. Methods such as taking vitamins and exercising will be very useful. Also listening to music or watching movies can help strengthen the immune system.

Plan your day
Being isolated for a long time can produce unpleasant consequences for people’s mental health. It was stated that people who work for a long time in the polar region are depressed, nervous or more difficult to deal with after a certain period of time.

Although the people who will spend time at home within the scope of the measures taken due to coronavirus will not experience such a long and harsh isolation, it will not be realistic to expect everyone to survive this period happily. Especially disruption in sleep patterns, feeling that they are not resting, loneliness and loss of motivation can be seen.

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You have to plan your day to deal with this. Do not eat something constantly because you are at home, plan your meals and stick to your plan. Put your daily activities on a calendar. Do not work in your bedroom, if possible.

Keep socializing
One of the reasons why isolated people have problems is that they cannot establish social relationships with anyone. We have smartphones and the internet. Don’t let the feeling of loneliness fill your daily life, keep communicating with people.

Thanks to using many different alternatives such as messaging, phone calling, video conferences, we are able to communicate even if we do not come together physically. We can use this technology.

Don’t get into the discussion
Some people do not isolate alone, but with their families or friends. In this case, the effect of loneliness decreases, but other problems may arise. One of them is of course discussions.

Astronauts spend a long time in space, isolated with a certain group. In these tasks, avoiding conflicts has an important place. Exercising reduces people’s tension and allows them to experience fewer problems. In addition, staying in separate rooms helps to reduce the risk of problems.

If you are facing a serious mental problem due to quarantine or social distance, you should seek help from professionals. The above items are merely recommendations for you to get through the isolation process more easily.


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