Proposition 21 will exacerbate the housing crisis


If the housing situation is bad in California, it will be much worse if Proposition 21 passes in the November 3 election.

This initiative will repeal parts of the current rental housing laws and open the door for extreme forms of rent control to be passed at the local level. It will allow permanent price caps on all forms of housing, including single-family units and condominiums.

Far from solving the state’s housing crisis, say opponents of the measure, the initiative will hurt both renters and homeowners because it does not focus on addressing the root causes of affordable housing in California.

“Last year, California passed a landmark version of rent control statewide – the strongest protection for renters and rent caps in the country – as well as short-term eviction protection,” the governor said in a statement. from California, Gavin Newsom, one of the opponents of this proposal. “But Proposition 21, like Proposition 10 before it, carries a real risk that discourages the availability of affordable housing in our state.”

One sure way to make rents more affordable is by building more homes, increasing supply, making supply more accessible, and curbing costs. With the approval of the proposal, there will be fewer homes to rent, which will make the situation even more complicated for potential tenants.

This initiative does not propose funds for affordable housing nor does it require that they be built. It also does not include a provision to reduce rent and does not offer specific protections for seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities.

Far from being a benefit, Proposition 21 discourages the construction of new units and reduces the availability of affordable and middle-class housing, which will cause rents to rise for many Californians.

As if that weren’t enough, this initiative harms a state rent control law just months after it came into effect. The governor and legislature, with the support of a large number of organizations, recently passed some of the strongest state tenant and rent control protections in the country.

This law went into effect on January 1 and ensures that tenants do not face extreme rent increases or are unfairly evicted from their homes.


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