Proof of Maeva Ghennam and Carla Moreau


Since meeting in Marseille, Maeva Ghennam and Carla Moreau have fallen in love with each other.Together, they shared unforgettable moments. Although they have moved away for a brief moment, they are now closer than ever.

Eh yes ! The two women love each other. Maeva Ghennam is also crazy about little Ruby. She then considers herself to be her aunt.

Not a day goes by without the two women contacting each other. They are even very often together. And their last adventure in the Marseillais Vs Le Reste du Monde therefore brought them closer together.

And for good reason ! Maeva Ghennam did not hesitate to come to Carla Moreau’s defense when she was eliminated. They are therefore true friends.


To seal their friendship, the two reality TV candidates decided to give each other a nice gift. A very rare gift!

Indeed, a few weeks ago, while walking through the streets of Monaco, they had the idea of ​​treating themselves to luxury necklaces.

These are then diamond necklaces. The two are the same. But they still carry the initials of the girlfriends: “MC” for Maeva and Carla. And “CM” for Carla and Maeva.

Maeva Ghennam had therefore declared on Snapchat: “With Carla we are going to give ourselves a big gift. We’re going to treat ourselves to a diamond necklace. So we’re going to have a big event in one of the most beautiful hotels in France. ”

“I’m so happy because it proves our friendship. That’s wonderful. Behind we will write Maeva and Carla. ”

One thing is certain! Internet users are therefore eager to discover their complicity in the Marseillais!


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