How to pronounce the real names of BTS members


Discover what is the correct phonetics of the full name of your bias. The Spanish and Korean are very interesting languages.

The members of BTS have unique and very beautiful names, which reflect their personality but due to the differences in the language it is often a little confusing to know what the correct pronunciation is .

The Korean alphabet or is made up of 14 consonants and 10 vowels that together can form 27 combinations called ‘diographic’, people around the world are very interested in learning this mythical language.

The story goes that while King Sejong ‘The Great’ of the Joseon dynasty ruled he was the creator of the Korean alphabet called ‘ Hangul ‘, some historians stipulate that the year of its invention was in 1443 .

The pronunciation is special because when you ‘ Romanized ‘ that is, the texts are many translate the specifications of the language already lost that have a tune specific, what you thought was the ‘B’ is actually the ‘P ‘.

BTS has become one of the groups most popular K-Pop around the world, consolidating a career full of successes and many awards for his great work, this has driven thousands of fans to learn their language.

As we know that you love the boys of BTS, here we leave you how their names are actually pronounced :

  • The name of the BTS leader is Kim Nam Joon and it is pronounced: Guim-Nam-Chun.
  • Rapper Min Yoon Gi is Suga and his real name is pronounced: Min-Iun-Gui.
  • J – Hope’s real name is Jung Ho Seok and it is pronounced: Chong-Jo-Sok.
  • BTS’s dancer’s name is Park Ji Min and it’s pronounced: Bak-Chi-Min.
  • The name of the Hyung of BTS is Kim Seok Jin and pronounced: Guim-Sok-Chin.
  • V is the lead singer for BTS , his full name is Kim Tae Hyung and it is pronounced: Guim-Te-Jiong.
  • The group’s maknae is Jeon Jung Kook and his name is pronounced: Chon-Chong-Guk.


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