Promotional Videos Showing Vivo X30’s 60x Super Zoom Camera


Promotional Videos Showing Vivo X30’s 60x Super Zoom Camera.

Vivo shared two new introductory videos for the upcoming new model “X30”. The introductory videos reveal the camera features of the Vivo X30, which will support 5G connectivity. The Vivo X30 will be available in December.

Chinese technology manufacturer Vivo achieved a good output in 2019. The company, which has attracted attention with its flagships and price performance products, is preparing to come out with a new smart phone model called X30 içerisinde in December.

There’s very little we know about the phone. According to Vivo, the X30 will be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 980 5G processor. So this phone will support 5G connection is no doubt. Now, Vivo has released two introductory videos about the new phone and introduced the new features of the X30. Promotional videos further increase the Vivo X30’s expectations.

Vivo’s first introductory video for the upcoming X30 shows that the phone will have a telephoto camera. The introductory video depicts the focal length and the focal length of the camera. The second video shows the 60x “Super Zoom” feature of the Vivo X30. While the first video takes a more artistic approach, the second video is more exciting.

A video demonstrating the Vivo X30’s telephoto camera:

In the introduction video, we cannot give a glimpse of the Vivo X30’s screen. But the video clearly shows how the back of the phone will look. Accordingly, Vivo clearly demonstrates that the X30 will be equipped with a triple camera as well as a rectangular camera. Now let’s move on to the second introductory video for the Vivo X30.

Video of the Vivo X30 with 60x Super Zoom:

The Vivo X30’s second introductory video reveals the details of the zoom. In fact, the video may have been a bit exaggerated, but the Vivo X30 will have one of the highest zoom capabilities the smartphone industry has. So this exaggerated video is reasonably acceptable.

When the Vivo X30 is introduced in December, we will officially learn all the features of this phone. In addition, the company will share the price of this phone with the public at launch events. Let’s see how much the company can meet the expectations for the X30.

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