Promotional Video For Mars Mission From NASA!


The Nasa Mars mission will undoubtedly be one of the most important breakthroughs in human history. The planet is one of the most important targets of technology geniuses, especially Elon Musk. NASA, who wanted to realize what he did on the Moon years ago on the Red Planet, published an animated video about the spacecraft he would send.

Promotional video for the NASA Mars mission

The American National Aeronautics and Space Administration will launch a launch on July 30 as part of the NASA Mars mission and will officially begin work on the Red Planet. In the task, which is planned to be examined on the planet believed to have existed in the past, the answer to this question will be sought as a result of the examinations to be carried out on samples from Mars. If everything goes well in the postponed mission several times before, we will be able to see the departure on July 30.

“NASA is sending a new tool for the discovery of the Red Planet,” he posted on the YouTube channel. Our new vehicle, called Perseverance, will look for signs of whether there was life on the red planet at the end of the seven-month journey and take a friend named Ingenuity with it. The first strong flight on Mars will be tested with Ingenuity, a small helicopter. ”

In the mission where Perseverance is targeted to be the first flying spacecraft to Mars, it will land 7 minutes after the 7-month journey. The spacecraft, which is expected to land in Jerezo Crater, will also guide the tasks to be carried out in the coming years with the soil samples it collects. Helicopter Ingenuity will enable us to have geographic information about the Red Planet with the images it will provide.

Recently, China had sent the Tianwen-1 vehicle for the Red Planet for the Mars mission. The vehicle, which is planned to arrive in 2021, is known to carry out technical studies just like Perseverance. Both vehicles are planned to land in February.


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