Promotional Posters with Emphasis on Two Features of Meizu 17 Series Published


Meizu, a technology company that actively serves in our country, published the promotional posters of the Meizu 17 series, which will be introduced on May 8. The published images contain details about the sound system of the smartphone family and the wide-angle camera of the 17 Pro.

China-based smartphone maker Meizu continues to work for the new Meizu 17 series, which it will introduce in the coming days. The series, which is expected to consist of two different smartphones, Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro, has finally surfaced with promotional posters shared by the company today.

The first of 2 different promotional posters contains some details about the wide-angle camera that will take place in Meizu 17 Pro, and the other contains some details about the sound system of the phone. According to the sharing made at this point, Meizu 17 Pro, which will be the top model of the series, will come with a 129 degree ultra wide angle camera and both devices will be equipped with stereo speakers that offer high level audio experience.

Meizu 17 series, which Meizu will introduce next week, will offer high-end audio performance:
The share on the company’s official Weibo page includes information that the Meizu 17 Pro is equipped with a third generation ultra linear speaker. This means that the device will provide an enhanced audio experience at medium and low frequencies, and can output any sound with minimal distortion and maximum efficiency.

Sources say that the smartphone will take its power from Qualcomm-signed Snapdragon 865 and use LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage technology. However, the NFC module used for contactless payments is also expected to be on the device.

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Meizu, which has started to serve in our country recently, is planning to carry out the promotional activity of the 17 series smartphone family on May 8. We will only be able to learn the remaining technical features and price of the device on this date. Continue to follow us to be informed about all the developments in this process.


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