Promotion of Netflix movies planned for 2021


The Netflix streaming platform unveils an impressive trailer of its blockbusters scheduled for the year 2021!

Netflix unveils a blockbuster teaser scheduled for 2021!

The coronavirus pandemic has marked this year 2020 and has not spared the world of cinema at all. Indeed, several releases and shootings had to be delayed.

Cinemas are still closed for the moment. But the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others, and here it is Netflix the big winner. Indeed, the streaming giant was the main sponsor of our long days of confinement.

And it must be said that its catalog offers a very large choice. What to find happiness!

In fact, for the year 2021, Netflix intends to spoil its subscribers. The streaming platform has just released a video to tease all its new features!

A little unusual knowing that she is used to revealing her films in small quantities. But we’re not going to complain!


Netflix has therefore decided to unveil its films scheduled for the year 2021. This teaser was released just after the one from Studio Warner Bros.

The latter has announced that all of his films will be released in theaters and on his HBO Max platform in 2021! In total, no less than 17 titles are expected. A real treat.

On the Netflix side, subscribers will be able to discover one new movie per week. All will be available between January and mid-March.

On the program: drama, comedy, science fiction, horror or even western. There will be something for everyone !

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The platform has therefore posted a short video to tease all its new features! Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds are his guests of honor.

Other Oscar-winning stars will also be featured in new Netflix films. We think of Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock or Leonardo DiCaprio.

The latter will also play alongside Jennifer Lawrence in a long-awaited feature film, Don’t Look Up. Find out what awaits you in 2021 in the video below.


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