Promising signs and roughness: how Liverpool must find balance at the World Cup


With an unwanted winter break looming for the club game, Liverpool face six weeks of introspection. Although consecutive wins in the Premier League and a place in the Champions League playoffs are very welcome, there are still some rough edges that need to be worked on.

Jurgen Klopp has a lot of positive moments after Saturday’s win over Southampton.

Restricted to a seat in the director’s box due to his one-match ban on the sideline, the views of the majestic Alisson, the confidently dominant Darwin Nunez and the marauding Andy Robertson will especially warm the Liverpool coach to agree with the three points that were enough to take his team into the top six.

Inconsistencies at the start of the season, recent defeats to Nottingham Forest and Leeds, Southampton entering the city with a new manager, and an equaliser delivered in less than 10 minutes — were all reasons why Liverpool could stumble again in this.

A vital victory at a vital time
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – Saturday, November 12, 2022: Darwin Nunez of Liverpool (No. 27 left) celebrates scoring his team’s third goal, the second of the game, during the English Premier League match between Liverpool and Southampton at Anfield.

With a 43-day wait for our next league match, it was extremely important for Liverpool not to concede a single position on Saturday.

Lose your last game before a forced break of a month and a half, and this can only lead to the fact that you will live under an uncomfortable cloud for a long time.

But there are swings and carousels. If we hadn’t faced an ill-planned World Cup, then the rest of November would have been filled with tasks against a new coach who abandoned Aston Villa, a suddenly reborn Leicester, a Brentford team that had just received an adrenaline boost from an away win. to Man City and a trip to the League Cup to Pep Guardiola’s exasperated defeated champions.

How to find a balance in the break between the World Championships
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – Saturday, November 12, 2022: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp before the English Premier League match between Liverpool and Southampton at Anfield.

As annoying as it is that the season is now going into stasis, given the players we lack, this may be a turn of events that subtly plays into our hands.

Instead of throwing the same set of players into a quartet of test games, instead we are now starting to work towards an encouraging return to form of those who have been absent recently, thereby giving Klopp a wider squad to choose from after the league season. resumes on Boxing Day.

In addition to this, a significant number of key players will largely be able to balance rest and recuperation, which will be a difficult balancing act.

The danger of too much downtime will be to rise to the level of competitive game days from the very beginning on December 26, which may be easier for players who performed in Qatar. There will be a lot of variables after the World Cup, and the landscape will certainly be unique.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – Saturday, November 12, 2022: Roberto Firmino of Liverpool celebrates scoring the first goal during the English Premier League match between Liverpool and Southampton at Anfield.

Momentum is everything in football, but it applies to our opponents as well as to us. The trick will be to ensure that the termination of the proceedings does not soften the existing decisions.

Undoubtedly, there will be teams that will reach the end of the campaign only to point to the themed winter holidays of the World Cup as the killer of the season. For example, imagine that you are currently playing for Arsenal, only for a break in the game, which could potentially become a fork in the road where fate will turn away from them. It would take a lot to overcome this.

When we reunite with Southampton on the last day of the season in six and a half months, we have to look back at the World Cup as having done us a favour or two as we achieve the goal we set for ourselves. from here.

Nunes succeeds in a broader role
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – Saturday, November 12, 2022: Darwin Nunez of Liverpool celebrates his team’s third goal, the second of the game, during the English Premier League match between Liverpool and Southampton at Anfield.

Liverpool were going great on Saturday, especially in the first half. Nunez feels at home on the left flank of the front three and is clearly growing in confidence.

Moved from the center, a little pressure was removed from his shoulders, and the Uruguayan, heading to the World Cup, scored two more goals, increasing his quota to an average goal per game.

Esoteric thought, presence of mind, one—touch technique – his first goal was especially magnificent, and almost a sharp comparison with a baton.ning is a power that he can cast just right.

Nunez’s task will be to transfer this effect to a central role once Luis Diaz and Diogo Hota are back in shape, but now he has highlighted an alternative role that he can skillfully fulfill by bringing Bobby Firmino back into the game.

Together with Mo Salah, a symbiosis grows in this trio, and on another day the Egyptian king would have scored a goal and scored a penalty.

There were other heroes on Saturday: Robertson, in creative mode, made two more passes to his incredible repertoire, while Alisson made three important saves on a day when his central defense was too generous with the space they gave the visitors’ attackers.

It was a game that could easily have ended with a score of 5:3, as it happened with a score of 3:1.

There are positive aspects, but there are also negative ones that need to be worked on. We are too sluggish when we don’t own the ball, and not as sharp as we could be when we own the ball.

Now that we have stopped, disappointment will visit every team and their fans as they look forward to the resumption of the football league, but for some the break will be more unpleasant than for others.


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