Promising Development for XRP Investors: All-Time Record Has Arrived


The increase in XRP price also increased the efficiency on Twitter.

The fourth largest cryptocurrency, XRP, by total market value , has certainly had a pretty pessimistic 2019 and 2020 year. Although it achieved a slight recovery in 2020, XRP, which saw the bottom on March 12, drew a very stable chart after this point.

The XRP price, which has been reactivated recently, achieved a significant increase of 14% in 24 hours. Following this rise, XRP investors have also been seen returning and breaking all-time records on Twitter.

Twitter Record from XRP Investors

After XRP’s rise on July 9, more than 29,000 tweets about XRP have been posted on Twitter. This seems to be an all-time record for tweets about XRP. The analysis firm named Bitinfocharts emphasized that with this issue, XRP- related tweets surpassed Bitcoin -related tweets.

It seems that the tweets about Ethereum are about 7 times as important. It is known that the crypto money market is still seriously affected by social media. Having such a significant increase in XRP tweets will definitely change the long or medium term trend of the price.

As of the writing of this article, XRP, which was traded at $ 0.19, has experienced a 3% decrease in the last 24 hours, but it seems that the liveliness on Twitter is still continuing.

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