Prometheus Attacks Chilli Beans and Brazilian Union Wwith Ransomware


A Prometheus ransomware allegedly hacked into the data network of the Brazilian accessories company Chilli Beans this Tuesday morning (15th). In addition to the retail network, the SINCOR (Union of Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Professionals in Brokerage and Insurance Distribution) was also affected by the virus.

According to Germán Fernández, a Chilean security researcher, Prometheus cybercriminals have already put data from the aforementioned companies on sale. As evidence, supposed screenshots of Chilli Beans and SINCOR internal data were published.

Prometheus is a cybercriminal group, allegedly linked to the famous REvil group, which has been attacking companies with ransomware since February this year

The amount required for the redemption of the files is not yet known. The criminal team that deployed the ransomware, in a statement, said it expected to contact the companies involved for payment.

Ransomware is a type of virus that, when it enters a computer or network, encrypts all files present and requires a payment amount for release. It’s like a kidnapping, but digital. Typically, large amounts in cryptocurrencies are required.

Recently, one of the largest meatpackers in the world, JBS paid about $11 million to retrieve its files after a REvil ransomware attack on its systems.