Project wants to extend $ 600 emergency aid until June


Bill 5514/20, which is currently being processed by the Chamber of Deputies, intends to institute “consecutive emergency aid” until June 30 this year, extending the state of public calamity. If approved, the proposal will allow the informal worker to receive six monthly installments of R $ 600.

According to deputy Fábio Henrique (PDT-SE), author of the Project, the objective is to help the beneficiaries of emergency aid. “With no way to obtain resources, the families that benefit then need the aid to be extended, as the pandemic persists,” says the parliamentarian.

That said, it is worth mentioning a study published in the Brazilian Institute of Economics, of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Ibre / FGV). According to the document, the end of the benefit could lead 3.4 million people to extreme poverty.

Consecutive emergency aid rules

As determined by Bill 5514/20, beneficiaries must meet the same requirements stipulated by the law that instituted the initial aid. Below, we mention some cases in which the money will not be paid:

If the person has found formal employment after receiving previous installments;
Workers who receive social security or assistance benefits, unemployment insurance or federal income transfer programs (except Bolsa Família) during this period;
People with per capita monthly family income above half the minimum wage and total monthly family income above three minimum wages.
It is worth mentioning that the consecutive emergency aid will be limited to two quotas per family. In this sense, solo mothers will be entitled to monthly installments of R $ 1.2 thousand.


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