Project Involved by Binance What is ?


What is TRONPAD? TRONPAD Coin is a coin released as a joint project of TRON and Binance. Supported by TRON Network, the project also has the ability to raise liquidity. It runs on the TronPAD platform and aims to power the TRON network.

What is TRONPAD, the joint project of TRON and Binance?

In fact, the aim of the project; It is to create the native cryptocurrency of the TRONPAD platform. In addition, it is to bring IDO solutions to the TRON network. It allows to offer equal denominator rewards to its investors. Investors can earn free tokens if they perform certain tasks over the network. In addition, 25% lottery tokens are distributed to investors participating in Lottery Token events. In addition to security in the project, it is to present a new system, a system that provides a guaranteed allocation.

TRONPAD Coin advantages and disadvantages

Some advantages of TRONPAD Coin are:

Investors can earn extra tokens with raffles and prizes by completing their tasks on the TRONPAD network.

Investors perform clearing and cross-border transfers between wallets with low waiting time.

The project charges a lower-than-market transaction fee from people who make cross-border transfers between wallets.

Some disadvantages of TRONPAD Coin are:

TRONPAD Coin has low availability as it is only traded on two different cryptocurrency exchanges.

In addition, as it is traded on a limited exchange, if TRONPAD Coin is stored in virtual wallets, there is a risk of hacking as in every cryptocurrency exchange, but there is no risk if the investment is transferred to the hardware account.

How to Get TRONPAD Coin?

TRONPAD Coin is listed on trusted exchanges such as PancakeSwap, BKEX and DODO BSC.

First, enter any exchange platform where the TRONPAD Coin mentioned above is listed. Then enter the free account creation page.

After entering the requested information, create your account.

Complete the authentication process steps.

Now that you have completed the account opening and verification process, transfer money from the deposit tab of the exchange with the method that is convenient for you.

In the last step, enter the exchange tab where TRONPAD Coin is listed. You can have TRONPAD Coin at the current price or by entering the amount you want.