Project Cars 4 will be the most realistic simulator ever made


If Project Cars 3 frustrated some players by moving away from the simulation and looking for a more arcade style, it looks like Project Cars 4 will take the franchise back to the original tracks and be the most realistic game in the franchise so far!

At least, that’s what Ian Bell, the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, has promised. On his private twitter, he posted – and then deleted – some information about the next chapter in the series, claiming that it will look the most amazing ever seen in a simulation game:

“Do you like to see every leaf on the tree casting shadows over the other leaves? I like it! Project Cars 4 will be the most realistic simulation game ever made, in all areas, in all forms.”

The new look will be courtesy of Madness Engine 2, which will allow you to create more beautiful lights and shadows than ever before. For the time being, the project continues without any expected launch and should still be in its early stages of development. What would you like to see in the new game? Comment!

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Project CARS 4 Will Be The "Most Realistic Simulator Ever"


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