Project CARS 3: where to buy the game, price


Learn where to get Project CARS 3 and in which editions to do it. Slightly Mad Studios returns to its main saga with Bandai Namco.

Project CARS 3 starts engines from this August 28. The new installment of the Slightly Mad Studios saga gives a swerve in identity. From the realistic and serious simulation we went on to a kind of meeting point for all driving fans. Above all, it is a title that has embraced the arcade aspect, with obvious improvements when controlling it with a remote. We invite you to read our analysis in full. Below you will find how to get hold of it and which editions it has had since its launch.

Buy Project CARS 3 in digital format

You will have two different versions if you prefer to have direct access on your platform. The Standard Edition costs 69.99 euros (10 euros cheaper on the computer) and includes only the full game. If you prefer to have additional elements, the Deluxe Edition is available for 99.99 euros, which is accompanied by the following:

Full game

Season pass

The season pass includes four DLC packs that will arrive over the next few months. They will add to the game 12 exclusive cars, cosmetics, more than 60 trials for Career mode and more. You can get Project CARS 3 in digital format and in its different editions within your chosen platform.

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