Project Cars 3, analysis PS4, PC, Xbox One


Project Cars reinvents itself in its third foray into the PS4, Xbox One and PC market, abandoning simulation to embrace the more casual game.

The most painful moments in the life of every human being are those in which we must say goodbye to a loved one. It does not matter if it is a family member, a friend or a pet, it is an experience that leaves a notch in our little hearts.

Although Project Cars does not have a life of its own and this is a succession of zeros and ones, the players who love the simracer genre are in mourning because their beloved driving simulator has said goodbye to the video game market in a somewhat creepy way; By the back door.

Project cars three

The rage for simracer is real, we are talking about a genre that in this quarantine has served as a refuge for thousands of players and professional racing drivers. Of the real ones, the physical ones. Barrichello, Montoya, Priaulx or Fernando Alonso himself, for example, have even been virtually racing and entertaining the world in LeMans championships, among others, so as not to disconnect too much from their passion.

Until a few days ago we had good exponents of the simulated driving genre, among which Project Cars, Assetto Corsa or even Gran Turismo itself stood out a little further down. All this, of course, speaking on desktop consoles, because if we turn the wheel towards computers, the proposals are even more varied and complex —or realistic, as you like to say—.

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