Project 28 on Binance Launchpool: What is Highstreet (HIGH)?


Binance has announced its 28th project on Binance Launchpool. Highstreet (HIGH), a Binance Smart Chain-based MMORPG game, has become Launchpool’s 28th project. Users will be able to stake BNB and BUSD tokens in separate pools to collect HIGH tokens for 30 days with framing. So what is Highstreet (HIGH)?

What is Highstreet (HIGH)?

Highstreet is an open world metaverse that combines shopping, gaming, NFTs, traditional and crypto brands in one MMORPG. Users can earn by completing missions, participating in social events, socializing with players, playing NFT from real world brands. HIGH is Highstreet’s native token and is used in the following cases:

In-game access: HIGH tokens are required in various areas for game progress or access to special events.

In-game currency for special items: HIGH tokens can be used to purchase special items. For example, real estate or limited edition items in the Highstreet market.

Governance: HIGH token holders will be able to create and vote on on-chain management proposals to determine the future features of Highstreet, with the voting weight calculated in proportion to the tokens staked.

Token Distribution

Token Name HIGH

Early Investors 1.00% of total token supply

Private Sale 32.84% of total token supply

Public Sales (IDOs) 2.50% of total token supply

Binance Launchpool 1.00% of total token supply

Play-to-Earn 30.00% of total token supply

Treasury 9.16% of total token supply

Ecosystem Reserves 9.50% of total token supply

Marketing and Affiliates 4.00% of total token supply

Team 8.00% of total token supply

Advisor 2.00% of total token supply

HIGH Launchpool Details:

Token Name: Highstreet (HIGH))

Total Supply: 100,000,000 HIGH

Circulating Supply: 12,302,500 HIGH (12.30% of total supply)

Launchpool Supply: 1,000,000 HIGH

Block Explorer: HIGH BEP20 Explorer, HIGH ERC20 Explorer

Staking Conditions: No upper limit. KYC required

Supported Pools:

Stake BNB: 800,000 HIGH rewards (80%)

Stake BUSD: 200,000 HIGH rewards (20%)

Farming Period: 18.12.2021 – 16.01.2022