Project 007 will not feature any of the Bond actors


Project 007, a title that marks the return of the iconic James Bond to games, should not count on the participation of any of the actors in the films, according to the studio IO Interactive.

In an interview with the Danish website DR, Hakan Abrak, director of the Hitman saga studio, stated that the new James Bond interpreter will be done entirely digitally, having the company’s identity and distancing himself from the actors who starred in the special agent in cinemas. Project 007 would then be one of the few games in 007’s history not to be directly inspired by a movie or one of Hollywood’s celebrities.

According to Abrak, the title will be “a completely original story” and it should be just the beginning of a trilogy, just like Agent 47’s journey. “It’s very, very special – a boy’s dream. Sometimes it’s still a dream. little difficult to understand that it’s us [making] James Bond, “said the director.

To produce the game, the developer already has a team of 200 active employees, but hopes to double the number of employees in the coming years. With the plans in hand, IO Interactive cannot hide the excitement and assumes that it is too much responsibility to assume the “Bond contract”.

So far, there is no release forecast for 007 Project.


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