Programmer says Linux is more secure than Windows


David Plummer, a retired Microsoft developer, said that Linux is more secure than Windows. The statement was made in a video released by him, last Saturday (6), on YouTube.

The expert justified the view by arguing on points such as the number of users of the Microsoft operating system. He argues that greater market insertion ends up making the software a “much more attractive target” for criminals.

Plummer also noted that the majority of Windows users use all administrator functions. This means that any accidental clicks on suspicious program acceptances can create a major problem.

“If I get an access denied response, at least I stop to think about why access was denied,” he argued about the general access clearance that most users have.

Despite considering Linux more secure, the former developer stressed that the operating system also has problems. According to him, open source turns out to be more vulnerable to exploitation than closed software. “It is easier to find out where the bugs should be exploited,” he said.

Plummer is making a series of videos about what is one of the most famous clashes between programmers. In this first video, Linux “won the fight”, which was themed on proprietary systems versus free software.


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