Programmer runs Minecraft on a Canon DSLR camera


The Canon Rebel SL2 DSLR camera is known for bringing a 24 MP sensor and recording videos in Full HD, but a programmer decided to use the product for an unusual purpose: running a Minecraft server. The procedure was carried out by the developer known as “turtius”, who shared his work in a video on YouTube.

The production shows the Canon Rebel camera running on Minecraft for about a minute and a half, running the game server optimized for 8-bit. The images are displayed directly on the camera monitor, as well as on a computer connected to the device.

According to the programmer, the procedure was possible after reverse engineering the camera. The developer also applied modifications to Canon’s system using the Magic Lantern software, which allows you to customize image capture devices in more depth.

In addition to running Minecraft, the camera used in the experiment can still be used normally to record videos and take photos, reports the person in charge of the project. The developer also shared his experiment codes for free, allowing more people to try running Minecraft on Canon devices.

For those interested, more details about the modification made to the camera are available on GitHub, but follow the procedure at your own risk. If you want to play Minecraft on a device that supports the game naturally, the game of blocks is available on PC, consoles and also for smartphones.

Last year, developer Mojang also launched Minecraft Dungeons, which brings a new vision to the block franchise with Diablo-inspired gameplay.


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