A programmer discovered that the code he wrote years ago was used in the terminator movie


A programmer named Robert Swirsky discovered that the code he used in an academic article he wrote years ago was used in the first Terminator movie of 1988. It seems that the robots of the future are programmed in COBOL.

Although the movies are fantastic and sci-fi themed, they are inspired by real life. Some fictions even go beyond inspiration and add ‘quotes’ directly to the scenes. Although the viewers don’t realize most of the time, they are not overlooked by those who are careful.

Programmer Robert Swirsky discovered that the code he wrote with the programming language COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) years ago was used in the first Terminator movie. Realizing the situation with the mail he received from software engineer John Graham-Cumming, Swirsky shared the article with the code and took his use in the movie Terminator.

Code discovered in the terminator movie
The COBOL programming language has been designed to be used in the field of commerce and especially in the areas of business management. According to Robert Swirsky, the code used in the movie Terminator was taken from an academic article he wrote in May 1984. As you can see below, the code in the article was used in the program interface of the robots in the Terminator movie.

It is surprising that the code used in a sci-fi movie was taken randomly from an academic article. Robert Swirsky explained that he did not know that the code was used in the film with his sharing on Twitter: “I had no idea about it until I received the email. I remember seeing the movie and thought,” HA! Future robots use COBOL. “Unfortunately, I may have been right.”

Swirsky says that the makers of the Terminator movie got the image of the code from the source code just below the article. The programmer says that he sent the article, which he printed on Centronics 737 printer years ago, to print for magazines. Although some years have passed, some secrets may not be kept secret. Those who make sci-fi movies can turn to such quotations where they cannot push the limits of their imagination.