Professor Planning to be Found by Detective Alicia Sierra


The fans of La Casa de Papel were confused when Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) was able to find him in the final episode of the fourth part. Here’s a theory on how she could do this and if the teacher was involved the entire time.

Sierra is skilled at what he does and was able to locate his license plate from old images. In the last moments, she surprised him in his hiding place before pointing a gun at his head and saying, “Checkmate” at La Casa de Papel.

However, given the professor’s ability to think through all the scenarios in La Casa de Papel, some fans wondered how he managed to fool him. More importantly, why didn’t he close the door to his hiding place to prevent her from entering?

Some fans of La Casa de Papel responded with some plausible theories to the message, expressing their own thoughts describing the flood sewers not possessing any type of lock or doors.

Another theory assumes that the professor is too smart to allow this to happen and there is already an agent who found him, if so, he allowed them to get it and must have something planned in La Casa de Papel.

This is certainly an interesting theory because, as fans of the show will know, there are often twists in the writers’ path. However, it does not appear that viewers are receiving any confirmation about La Casa de Papel.

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