Professor Outraged By Students’ Bizarre Emails Goes Viral On The Web


Emails: Who has never had an email address, at the very least, embarrassing to throw the first stone. That’s because, in the 2000s, it was common to find emails like “camila13lokinha”, “batgirl_”, “h_tinha_do_pedaco”, “macho_gostoso” and several other variations. But, it seems, the fever of addresses of dubious tastes is not over yet.

Last week, the video of a teacher complaining during an online class reverberated on the internet. In the video, he asks students to put names on assignments sent by email, as he has been receiving messages from users with unrecognizable names. “For example, ‘Shaolin Pig Killer’, who is this student? Will I know who Shaolin Pig Killer is?”, The teacher says. Check out:

The video is from May 2020, but it reverberated on Twitter last week. On the internet, several users shared similar stories.

How to add another email account in Gmail

If you’re embarrassed about sharing your email address with someone, check out how to add other accounts – including from other providers – to Gmail.

1. Access your account’s home page, click on the gear icon next to your photo and choose the “Settings” option;

2. On the page, several tabs will appear; choose “Accounts”;

3. Choose the option “Add an email account”;

4. Now, it will be necessary to put the data from the POP server of the other email. To do this, search Google for what data is for your domain. It is usually 110, but in cases where the user uses a secure connection (SSL), it is usually 995;

5. Once this is done, click on “Add Account” and you’re done! With the change, Gmail must “collect” all emails forwarded to the other account.

Here is a note: it is necessary to send e-mails through SMTP servers (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”, in free translation). If this feature is not available for your account, you must contact your domain administrator.


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