Professional chess mistakes in the series


Created by Scott Frank, Queen’s Gambit presents an unparalleled description of chess by hiring valuable consultants to assist the actors and yet there were minimal misrepresentations of certain aspects.

Fast movements

Chess expert Dylan McClain comments that one of the most visible errors in the Queen’s Gambit series is the speed at which players move their pieces.

It should be noted that in chess tournaments its players spend several hours planning the movements, but in Queen’s Gambit it is something that is simplified, obviously because of the time it cannot be on screen.

Few games tied

A clear mistake in Queen’s Gambit is the low presence of the games that will be tied, this is something that a high-ranking chess player like Sam Copeland would detect immediately.

Talking during games

Queen’s Gambit reportedly features various moments where players exchange words with each other in tournament chess matches, this is something that is not usually done.

According to the rules of traditional chess, the opponents talk to each other before and after the games, this because doing the opposite is going against the imposed rules.

Substance abuse wouldn’t improve Beth’s game

It may be that the biggest mistake in Lady’s Gambit and in its original story created by Walter Tevis was presenting that drug use made Beth Harmon a dangerous player.

Jennifer Shahade, a chess champion, commented that chess players can actually use tranquilizers but this is not related to some kind of improvement in the game events that can be misinterpreted in Queen’s Gambit.