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11.11, Singles Day or Double Eleven… No matter what you call the date, one thing is a fact: it is here to stay. Today you take advantage of the best discounts in technology and already guarantee the purchases at the end of the year with economy and security.

We have prepared a list of 10 products, from bluetooth headsets to SSDs and smartphones, for you to fill your cart and stay on top of what is most modern for your day-to-day. Check out.

Factory stereo HIFI headset

Quality sound and style with the Factory wireless headset! There are more than 10 different color combinations, plus support for SD card and microphone and battery life of up to 250 hours. Compact, the Factory phone is foldable and compatible with all models of mobile phones, tablets, computers and notebooks.

Mifa A1 portable bluetooth speaker

The Mifa A1 is a bluetooth and waterproof speaker with up to 10 hours of autonomy. Thanks to its compact size – 8.5cm high x 4.6cm wide and designed 175g -, it is perfect to be used outdoors. You find the Mifa A1 in three color options and all with SD card, auxiliary cable and USB port.

Essager 15w wireless charger

In an increasingly wireless world, you need to know the Essager wireless cell phone charger. Compatible with iPhone, Xiaomi and Samsung, Essanger is ideal for day-to-day life: you only need to bring your device close for a fast and secure charge.


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