Production error at meeting Bloom, Sam and Burned


In Fate: The Winx Saga when Bloom detects a burned in the forest in episode 3 she sends a text message to her companions. Soon after, she comes to her rescue at a critical moment but she never explains how Stella, Aisha, and the other fairies manage to find her.


Bloom’s (Abigail Cowen) call for help comes several minutes before her encounter with the Burned. After sensing him in the forest in Fate: The Winx Saga, she sends a text message to the entire group writing that there is an emergency in the stone circle.


However, Bloom’s actual encounter with the Burned Out in Fate: The Winx Saga occurs deep in the forest beyond the barrier. So how do fairies know where to go to help?


Bloom’s rescue is an important moment for the group of fairies in Fate: The Winx Saga. It’s a great time for group dynamics and character development, but the plot hole takes some of the emotional weight out of the scene.


One possible explanation is that Musa (Elisha Applebaum) uses her empathy to locate Bloom and Sky (Danny Griffin). The duo’s emotions are likely on the rise as they prepare to fight a Burnout.


The fairies’ willingness to rescue Bloom is sweet. Even though they are all in the middle of their own lives, they don’t hesitate to stop what they are doing. Stella and Terra (Eliot Salt) are having fun at a party, but abandon him to help Bloom.


Musa is in the middle of a romantic moment with Sam (Jacob Dudman), but she also leaves him behind to help the fire fairy. As a concept, the mini-narrative works, but its execution is lacking as it offers little explanation to build plausibility.


The fact that Bloom’s (Abigail Cowen) roommates assist her in Fate: The Winx Saga is touching, but the circumstance is still unlikely as is the execution.


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