Production of BMW i8 Ends Next Month


It was said that the production of the i8 Coupe and i8 Roadster, one of the popular models of BMW, will cease. Production of these two models will end in April 2020. BMW had learned a lot from the i8.

Automobile companies may terminate the production of their cars, which they cannot find what they are looking for from time to time or decide to produce different models instead. This is quite normal in business life.

In December of last year, the 20,000th i8 was reported to be approaching the end of the vehicle’s life as it descended from the production line. This hybrid sports car was in production for a time (6 years), which was not bad for its segment.

BMW bid farewell to the i8
The BMW i8 also provided the company with the opportunity to learn about many different technologies. All-electric four-door models, such as the BMW i4, became a vehicle using the electric motor information acquired in this vehicle.

BMW also announced that the vehicle was accepted into the sports cars “Hall of Fame”. In this exclusive group of cars, the company has the best cars and iconic models such as M1, E30 M3. This shows how much the vehicle respects.

This model, which first appeared with the BMW i3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013, made a great success with its structure that combines electric motor and gasoline engine. Hybrid engines at that time were not good enough yet. The vehicle produced 369 horsepower.

I8 will not be produced after April
The first i8 model was the Coupe, which Roadster followed a few years later. Of these performance-impressive models, the Coupe’s 0-100 acceleration in 4.4 seconds, while Roadster was 4.6 seconds. The top speed of both vehicles was determined as 250 kilometers.

Gasoline and hybrid models are slowly preparing to be replaced by fully electric cars. In this context, the i8, which has improved performance over time, has changed design and has become more environmentally friendly in terms of both fuel consumption and interior design materials, says goodbye to production lines in this context.

BMW has not officially announced which day the production of i8 series cars will be terminated, but there is one thing we know, which is that the countdown has already begun.


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