Producer wants to make a “totally different” Sonic game


Daisuke Sato expressed his wish about one of the SEGA icons, as it is a saga that he has never worked with.

Daisuke Sato has spent a lifetime in SEGA, specifically since 1994, and despite having appeared in dozens of titles in the credits, he is known above all for being the producer of the Yakuza saga with RGG Studio, being among others the director of Yakuza 3 In a recent interview related to the 60th anniversary of SEGA, of which we have an extensive report published recently, he was asked about a saga for which he has never worked before: Sonic the Hedgehog. And he has had no qualms about assuring that he would surely do something different from what we are used to with the saga.

“If we talk about something I’d like to try… well, Sonic. In the end, when you listen to SEGA you think of Sony. I would like to be involved at least once with it. But to me, what we know as Sonic, well, if I was in it, I think I wouldn’t make a Sonic as we know it. I would do something totally different. ” The producer’s words make it clear that he would give the license games a twist.


In fact, Sonic has had a bumpy ride after the Adventures on the Dreamcast. The best game recently has been Sonic Mania, which has managed to transfer all the essence of the saga in a great tribute to the original trilogy, and we will surely find brilliant moments in Sonic Generations, but then there have been somewhat more irregular deliveries.

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What we do not know is what Sato would have in mind for a new installment. Maybe it would be animated in an RPG type title, something that by the way we already live in Nintendo DS with The Dark Brotherhood, published by Bioware, parents among others of Dragon Age and Mass Effect. The latest Yakuza released this November, Like a Dragon, has made the leap to turn-based combat and the result is more than outstanding, so you never know. You can read our recent review here to find out everything about the game.


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