Producer reveals what will happen for Atwater in season 8


NBC will premiere on Wednesday, November 11, the eighth season of the fan-favorite police drama Chicago P.D. after several months of waiting.

Chicago fans P.D. You know, that season 8 production was stopped in March as a result of the blockage generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the crew and cast of Chicago P.D. returned to the film set last month in order to shoot scenes for the next episodes of the new installment of the police drama.

For months now, it has been said that the NBC police drama Chicago P.D. It will come with big changes when its new season premieres. The real situation in the world with the Black Lives Matter movement and the pandemic, has allowed us to make adaptations about what the series will reflect with the next episodes.

As is known to all, the Chicago P.D. It will show fans the beginning of the police reform that will take place, which Hank Voight must take on with the greatest sense of responsibility and a positive attitude.

Also, the premiere of the new installment of Chicago P.D. it will be focused on the problem that Kevin Atwater must face, when he is severely penalized for doing the right thing when confronting the friends of the racist policeman Tom Doyle.

In this regard, Chicago executive producer P.D. Rick Eid, offered a preview to TV Line in a new interview and revealed about the ‘repercussions’ that will come for Atwater, as a result of his honest attitude towards the death of Doyle and the confrontation with his mourners:

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Atwater has always talked about racial equality. His decision in last year’s finale to face the Blue Wall and call in a racist cop will definitely have repercussions in season 8. ”

When Chicago showrunner P.D. During the interview on what Atwater will face in the upcoming season as a result of his confrontation with Doyle’s friends, Eid replied:

“The Atwater story will be front and center for the first two episodes. Doyle’s friends haven’t forgotten what Atwater did. The Blue Wall is sacrosanct to them. In his mind, Atwater crossed a line and he needs to pay a penalty, a severe penalty. “


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