Prodigal Son: HBO Max Refuses Possible Third Season Of The Series


Prodigal Son: In early May, Prodigal Son fans received the news that the series had been canceled by FOX after two seasons. According to the Deadline portal, the production would have been offered to the streaming service HBO Max, which declined the proposal for “not having space” for the series.

Prodigal Son: what are the chances of the 3rd season to happen?

Even with the negative response from HBO Max, the studio responsible for the series remains hopeful that some channel or streaming wants to develop the new episodes. Prodigal Son co-creator Chris Fedak says he doesn’t know what the chances are, but that he hopes to work with the cast and crew again.

Fedak and his partner Sam Sklaver talked a little bit about what the plans for season 3 would be. According to the creators, the next episodes would focus on Bright’s personal development (Tom Payne) and his relationship with Dani (Aurora Perrineau). The duo was also planning to return the character of Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The production accompanied Malcolm Bright, a successful criminal psychologist who uses his genius to solve crimes. What nobody knows is that part of his success is due to the fact that his father is a serial killer.

Prodigal Son was a huge success when it debuted on FOX in 2019 and found new followers after it was broadcast on HBO Max. Since the series’ cancellation was announced, fans have used social media to publicize a petition against the end of the series. To date, the document already has more than 28 thousand signatures.


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