Prodigal Son: Describes the difficulties of your character


In a recent interview with TV Insider, Tom Payne, interpreter of the protagonist Malcolm Bright of Prodigal Son commented on the many challenges faced by his character in the second season of the series. In the new episodes, many doubts came to the character’s mind.

In addition, Malcolm has been going through intriguing conflicts that move the plot of the Fox series a lot. Currently on hiatus, the return is scheduled for April 13th. The 2×8 episode promises to bring a visit from Europol’s agent Simon Hoxley (Alan Cumming).

He investigates the murder of Nicholas Endicott (Dermot Mulroney), who has a direct connection to Ainsley (Halston Sage), Malcolm’s sister, as seen in the outcome of Season 1. Thus, many emotions will hover the series until its second season finale.

“This can be very scary for Malcolm,” commented Tom Payne. “And he is aware that Hoxley is very good at what he does. In this way, I can say that there is a certain fear in the air about what can happen ”, he analyzed.

According to the actor, in the next episode of Prodigal Son, his character’s challenge is to think about how to hinder and confuse Hoxley’s investigation to take control of the situation for himself.

Malcolm’s last moments in Season 2 showed a somewhat troubled personal side. He was still quite uncomfortable with the dream in which his father, serial killer Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen), was not in prison.

Prodigal Son: Tom Payne reveals details about what could happen in the series

Still during the interview, Tom Payne commented that Hoxley will face several characters in the second half of the season. “It is good for Malcolm to be challenged intellectually in this way,” he said.

“Usually he can think in his own unique way about things and having someone almost the same becomes challenging,” he added on the subject. According to him, the public can expect great news and emotions to emerge with the next episodes.

The relationships between the characters will be intensified in several ways, especially those that generate trust. This is the case of the character Edrisa (Keiko Agena) who trusts Malcolm a lot. “They are always very connected at the crime scenes they investigate,” she said.

Regarding the arrival of Dr. Vivian Capshaw (Catherine Zeta-Jones), Tom Payne is emphatic in saying that this will add interesting movements to the series’ narrative.

Her character still doesn’t know enough about the character’s plans and her father’s interest in developing his work with her. “At some point, Malcolm will definitely run into her,” he said.

So don’t miss it! On April 13, a new episode of Prodigal Son will be aired by Fox.


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