Prodigal Son 2×07: Ainsley didn’t kill anyone this time


The 2nd season of Prodigal Son finally brought more details about what really happened to Ainsley. That was the final episode before the season went on a hiatus and, without a doubt, made fans even more anxious for what is to come. Check out the full recap below!

Warning: the text contains spoilers!

More details of the 2×7 episode of Prodigal Son

Fans of the series can now breathe a sigh of relief (at least for a while!). The blood stains on Ainsley’s T-shirt are not human and she hasn’t killed anyone. Ufa! However, this does not mean that she did not shock Malcolm. After all, the blood was the result of a joke.

Ainsley poured pig’s blood on herself to get revenge on her brother after he lied to her. She refuses to believe that Malcolm just wanted to protect her and he ends up apologizing. But, obviously, he wants her to admit that the joke was much more than she needed to prove her point.

She wants to reassure her brother and ensure that the two got away with Endicott’s death. “Nobody murders better than us,” she says, while the episode simultaneously shows that Endicott’s head was recovered by Agent Simon Hoxley. Now, the policeman is back in the United States to resolve the case.

Although this was the great cliffhanger of the episode that closes the first half of the 2nd season of Prodigal Son, the episode also served to situate the other characters. While Ainsley and Malcolm are calm about the murder, Jessica decided to write an autobiography, talking about the main events in her life.

In addition, Martin gets a new job at the Claremont clinic and meets Dr. Vivian Capshaw, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. She asks him to just clean up the place. However, he proves to be a very helpful employee when helping to care for a cerebral hemorrhage in one of the patients.

As a thank you, she gives him a caramel candy, but it seems that the “thank you” was a little more sensual than we were expecting. Will this be a new romance formed when the season returns?

The next episodes of Prodigal Son start airing again on April 13th. Until then, we can only wait to find out if the murdered Endicott will finally be solved. What do you think will happen? Leave your opinion below and share the recap on social networks!


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