Procreate 5X new filters and helpful reference tool


Procreate’s next major update, Procreate 5X, adds new filters and tweaks that will really help those trying to do less in Photoshop but more in Procreate. The update is available as of September 21, that is, today.

New filters include halftone, gradient map, chromatic aberration, glitch effects and more. The iPad drawing app also added a reference companion window that allows you to view your entire canvas or other image on the side as you work. Overall, although this feels less glitzy than the Procreate 5 update (which adds Animation Assist, a tool that adds a timeline to the app to loop GIFs and animated videos), it helps bridge the gap with Adobe’s more powerful desktop software. It contains some great features.

The most exciting for users will be updates, new filters and the way they are applied. Now Procreate 5X has Pen Filters so you can draw instead of applying your filters and settings as a whole layer.

The new tuning filters look great too. Included are Glitch, which provides you with four types of controls, and Gradient Map, which takes a color gradient and converts it to the image’s color values. He also added Halftone, which has three styles, Procreate Full Color, Serigraphy and Newspaper, with Chromatic Aberration and Bloom.

You can now use the new Palette Capture to create a custom palette by taking an image from your canvas, photo library, or an Adobe ACO or ASE palette. There’s also a new feature called FacePaint that lets you paint directly on your face in real time using your device’s camera as long as it’s compatible.

Reference helps one of the biggest innovations. This means you can upload a moving window or a separate image to use as a reference, which allows you to continue working in zoomed while viewing the macro image in real time, which looks extremely useful.

The most exciting thing about this update is seeing how Procreate continues to add features to help users stay longer in the app. As we mentioned above, the Procreate 5X update is starting to be distributed to users as of today.


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