Procon’s fine will cost Apple only 0.00007% of its revenue


Procon-SP fined Apple R $ 10.55 million due to the absence of chargers in the iPhone 12 case and other complaints in the last week. Surprisingly, the value of the penalty will be minimal at the cashier of the technology giant.

According to Statista, Apple’s annual revenue was $ 274.5 billion in 2020. When converting the fine from reais to dollars, it will cost about $ 2 million. This is equivalent to only 0.00007285% of the company’s revenue.

Presenting data, The Next Web showed how Apple can quickly recover the fine of Procon-SP through the sales of the devices. Without a doubt, the results are quite curious.

The average price of the iPhone 12 is $ 799 in the US – about R $ 4,420 excluding taxes. Thus, the fine is equivalent to the sale of 2,503 units of the smartphone. It is worth noting that, in China alone, 18 million units were sold in the 4th quarter of 2020.

Mac Pro, Apple’s most expensive item, starts at $ 5,999 in the U.S. – about $ 33,000 without taxes. Therefore, the brand would recover the amount of the punishment by selling only 333 units of the computer.

Apple did not follow the recommendations of Procon-SP

Looking at the numbers, it is possible to state that the Procon-SP fine will not harm Apple in any way. Last week, the agency revealed that it tried to talk to the brand about the absence of chargers in the iPhone 12 case as early as 2020.

So, it was suggested that the energy source be sent in orders placed on the company’s official website. However, Apple did not follow the agency’s guidelines, setting precedents for the fine in question.


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