Procon-SP Notifies Motorola, Samsung and Apple After Wave Of Blows


Procon-SP: In recent days, news of a gang that steals cell phones in order to access bank applications installed on the devices and clean the victim’s bank account has gained prominence. This Thursday (17), Procon-SP notified manufacturers Motorola, Samsung and Apple so that companies explain the security systems for unlocking the devices.

The three companies must present what the brand’s solutions are in relation to cell phone security:

-Locking, remote data deletion and tracking systems, made available to users who are victims of smartphone theft/theft;
-Actions taken in cases of breach of access security and data breach in the devices;
-Billing costs for the use of security devices on the devices and the respective operating system;
-Technical reports that validate the security efficiency of unlocking devices and accessing information stored on the cell phone, including the modalities: passwords, security codes, voice and facial recognition.
-Period provided for storing users’ data remotely, and deleting the stolen device, if necessary.

According to Procon, companies have until the 22nd to answer questions.


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