Procon-SP asks LG for clarification


LG will have to explain to Procon-SP how the company will leave the cell phone sector. The decision to leave the mobile device segment was officially announced on Monday (5) by the South Korean manufacturer.

According to Estadão, the agency questioned the brand about how the operation will end in the country and the impact of this measure on services still in operation, such as guarantee and technical assistance. The reason for the pressure is the high representativeness that LG still maintained in the Brazilian market, especially in the segment of lower-priced models.

As part of the notification, the company must inform the models sold in Brazil in the last three years, in addition to providing user manuals, a forecast of the life of the device and a list of authorized technical assistance.

Uncertain future

LG must respond to questions from Procon-SP by April 9, and the agency is open to receiving any complaints from customers who feel they have been harmed.

So far, the company has not commented on the notification, but has already detailed some dates regarding warranty and stock, in addition to confirming the arrival of Android 12 to some recently launched phones.


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