Problems in accessing the conferencing service Zoom


The new week did not start very well for Zoom, the video conferencing service that gained great popularity with the global coronavirus epidemic. In many places, especially in the USA and the UK, there are problems in accessing the service.

The outages are largely concentrated in North America, according to the DownDetector site. It is observed that some parts of Europe also experience difficulties in access. The main problem in the notifications made to this site is the login problem. In the posts made from Zoom’s official Twitter account, it is stated that there are problems in the interviews and webinars. Although services such as chat and phone function smoothly, Zoom’s inability to fulfill its main function stands out as a serious problem.

The effect of experiencing difficulties in a service that has been in the center of daily life for a while like Zoom is also on a large scale. Looking at the posts on Twitter, it is seen that many people complain about missing meetings or lessons. However, there are also posts showing that some users are very satisfied with the gap created by this interruption.

According to the information provided by Zoom, the company is continuing its research to solve the access problem. The company stated that as soon as the problem is resolved, necessary notifications will be made through social media accounts.

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