Problem not on the phone with 6.000 mAh battery


The smartphone made our lives a lot easier. In a single device, we have at your disposal a series of essential tools for everyday life, but there is a negative point that bothers many people: the battery life of the cell phone. Aware of this, some cell phones end up resorting to “artifices” to get around the problem that does not exist in cell phones with a battery with a capacity of 6,000 mAh.

We’ve listed five things you can skip if you have a cell phone with this battery capacity and we’ll tell you which device can meet that need.


1. Floor with power bank and charger

This is the most used strategy to get around the problem of a smartphone whose battery runs out before the end of the day, and it is very easy to find people who have a power bank and the device’s charger in their purse or backpack. After all, nobody wants to be unable to use their cell phone, is it?

With a smartphone with good battery life, taking these accessories will no longer be necessary. Of course, as a precaution, you may want to carry a power bank and charger, but you are likely to lend these items to friends more than you actually use them.

2. Getting “stuck” to the wall

Anyone who has a charger in their bag and needs to use it in the middle of the day knows what it means to be “stuck” to the wall. As the accessory cord is generally not very long, it is necessary to stay close to the outlet while using the cell phone and charging it. It is a very common scene in airports, stations and terminals: as smartphones generally do not have enough charge to withstand several hours in use, it is necessary to give an “extra juice” to endure until the end of the day.

3. Ask someone to call a car app

This is a situation that can be quite embarrassing: you need to go home, but you don’t have a battery in your cell phone or to call a car per application. If it is in the company of friends, it is easier and just ask for help from one of them, but what if you are alone? The way out is to borrow a cell phone from a stranger, which is quite embarrassing – and even dangerous, depending on the situation.


4. Enable battery saving mode

A very useful emergency function is the battery saving mode, however some people need to use this mechanism practically every day to continue using smartphones. Of course, this function was not designed to be used as often, but it is what you can do when you don’t have a cell phone with a high-capacity battery.

5. Turn off the phone

The last card for those who are seeing the cell phone battery discharging quickly is simply to turn it off. People usually do this when they realize that the smartphone will not last until the end of the day and hope to make it “last” a little longer.

It is very sad to have to turn off the cell phone and stop using the much needed functions that it offers. How to avoid this? Using a cell phone with 6,000 mAh battery.

Cell phone with 6,000 mAh battery: meet the Moto G9 Power

The phone that does the job when it comes to battery life is Motorola’s newest release, the Moto G9 Power. The device has an impressive capacity of 6,000 mAh, the largest battery the company has ever launched, and promises to offer up to 60 hours of smartphone use.

But it is clear that this is not the only highlight of the device. It features a triple camera whose main sensor has 64 MP to create high-level photos. The screen is 6.8-inch Max Vision, 128 GB of internal storage and the processor is Qualcomm 662, to offer above-average performance. This whole set is even more complete with 4 GB of RAM, Android 10, fingerprint sensor and water-repellent design.

So, were you interested in this cell phone? If you want to know more details, follow this link to know and buy the Moto G9 Power.


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