The problem that comes to Atlético at the worst time


Simeone has cemented the success of Atlético de Madrid in the last decade in its defensive strength. The six Zamora trophies to the least-scored goalkeeper of each League in the last seven years, testify.

The march of Godín, head of the rojiblanca defense in this triumphant period of Simeone, together with that of Lucas Hernández, made the Cholo had to redo a new project where despite being veterans in Atlético, Giménez and Savic became headlines Undisputed in the new Atleti.

But Savic’s injury to Montenegro on October 14 that will keep him away one month from the pitch, together with Giménez’s against Bayer Leverkusen, who had started in eleven of the twelve matches played, makes Simeone have to form a new pair of plants.

In this way Felipe and Hermoso, who also ended up playing against Leverkusen, will be the starting double for the first time this season in an Aúpa duel against Athletic. Not only because of the rival but also because of the rarefied atmosphere that is lived in the Metropolitan in recent days. The Brazilian and the Spanish already played many minutes of the Champions League match against German Bayer and fulfilled their task of not allowing the opponent to score goals.

Felipe arrived from Porto in exchange for 20 million and despite being the last of the four to debut the truth is that he has shown a defensive security, a displacement of the ball and an airpower that has made the rojiblanco disbursement good.

Beautiful on the other hand landed in the Metropolitan after playing the last season in Espanyol in exchange for 25 kilos. His versatility to play central and lateral made Atlético put all his effort into getting the services of a young soccer player who is also international.

Between them they add 764 minutes of the 2,160 possible, but it seems that this figure will increase it in the next meetings where without Giménez or Savic it will be their turn to show that Atlético was not mistaken by signing them.


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