Privately, it’s different: Dieter Bohlen shoots Thomas Gottschalk


Dieter Bohlen (68) can’t help himself! The musician is known not only for the sharp remarks of DSDS candidates, but in the past he did not give good hairstyles to Thomas Gottschalk (72 years old). After the moderator temporarily replaced him at the casting of the show in 2021, he ridiculed him on the network. Now Dieter followed him and retreated to Thomas!

In an interview with Hamburg Radio, the singer was asked what he thought of his colleague on television. “Gottschalk is always very nice on TV. In private, he is not what you imagine him to be. He finishes off his colleagues behind the scenes and does not always tell the truth,” Dieter scolded him. But he didn’t give an example.

Thomas has not yet commented on Dieter’s diss in any way – a good year and a half ago he skillfully parried the unpleasant statements of the pop titan. “Dieter is what he is. He hasn’t heard anything about the game, he scores goals or nobody,” the 72-year-old Bild player stressed.


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