Private VPN introduced for Google One users


Providing VPN service to its users with the Google Fi project, Google is preparing to offer its service to a wider audience. Now, Google One users can also benefit from the VPN service.

VPN service announced for Google One users

Google, which wants to improve its service area, continues to work for its millions of users to benefit from VPN service. The VPN service we first saw in the Google Fi project is now available for Google One users.

Many companies around the world are already offering VPN services. However, one of the biggest advantages of Google is that it offers Google One package, which is $ 9.99 per month, for free to its users.

The company has announced that it will offer this service only for US users for now. The offered VPN service will be active for Android users in the near future. Stating that it offers high speed and security, Google will also hold live sessions in which users explain how to use the internet more securely.

In addition, the company stated that VPN access can be shared with family members up to 5 people without any extra charge, and within a few months, the VPN service will support iOS, Windows and Mac devices.


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