Private Eye looked into Johnny Depp’s past for trial and found parallels between his father and his alleged shooting of Pirates of the Caribbean


On the legal front, things are mostly quiet between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard while we wait for the appeals that both sides have filed to get through the legal system. Nevertheless, we learned as much, if not more, about Johnny Depp’s life after the end of the trial than during it. Now a private investigator who was hired to investigate Depp’s life has discovered a parallel between Depp and his own father, as they both experienced very public job losses.

Paul Barresi, who was hired by Amber Heard’s legal team to study the Johnny Depp case, recently spoke on the podcast “Law and Crime”, where he spoke about the great similarity between father and son. Johnny Depp’s father, also named John, was a civil servant in the 1960s, whom Barresi describes as a passive person, a trait he also attributes to Johnny. This passivity was demonstrated when John Depp lost his job so publicly that he made a newspaper that his son probably had to do with a later period of life when he also publicly lost his job.

John Depp was the city manager of Frankfort, Kentucky, but was fired from his job in 1969 after trying to draft a new budget for the city that included a small tax increase. The city council and the mayor did not like it, and they apparently ousted Depp from his post. Everyone knows this because it made the newspaper, making it a public affair.

Johnny Depp, of course, had his very public job losses. He was fired from the Fantastic Beasts franchise after losing a libel suit in court. We also know that Disney is working on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise without Depp. Barresi compared the dismissals of the two Depps, saying…

This is very similar to what Johnny is going through now, when he is fired from the TV series “Fantastic Beasts” and allegedly fired from “Pirates”. Turning the other cheek sometimes isn’t so bad.

Barresi praises John Depp’s passivity in this case, calling it strength, since the man did not fight because of the loss of his job, but simply moved on. This is certainly one of the reasons for the dissimilarity of the two Depps, since Johnny Depp’s loss of his role in Pirates of the Caribbean was not something Johnny Depp simply refused, it became the basis for his libel suit against Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp was six years old when his father lost his job as a city manager, although apparently this was not the only public service job that John Depp got and lost over the years, so it is unclear how much this public dismissal could have affected him. It is quite possible that the son knew about this and even thought about it while solving his professional problems.


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