Privacy: Google increases security on Android devices


Google announced last Monday (5), a series of changes that the company will adopt against malware and intrusions in Android systems. According to a statement released by the search giant, the new measures are aimed at preventing software from invading the system and, thus, guaranteeing more security to users.

On the Developer Program Policy page, you can check out all the new measures. The main change is in the authorization that new applications will have when installed on the device. From now on, Google will no longer allow downloaded apps to access other smartphone programs. That is, the change will make it difficult for the programs installed on the cell phone to access the user’s activities while browsing between the applications.

According to Google, if a developer’s application already meets the new standards, they must declare permission on the official form available on the Google website. If the document is not filled out by the developer or the application does not meet the requirements, the program can be deleted from the Play Store. In addition, the statement must always be updated with accurate information.

The changes will take effect from May 5 and should affect mainly Android API applications from level 30 onwards and devices with Android 11.


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