Privacy Focused ‘CopperheadOS’ New Version Based on Android 10


“CopperheadOS”, a privacy-oriented interface, has been updated. The new update introduces the Android 10 operating system to phones using this interface. The officials, who said that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL models will receive this update immediately, did not make any statement regarding the scope of the update.

The Android operating system, launched by Google, brings millions of smartphones to life today. Almost all smartphone manufacturers except Apple use the Android operating system on their released smartphones. The open source of this operating system also helps develop customized Android interfaces for companies.

Many of us are already familiar with Android-based interfaces like EMUI and MIUI. Now we will talk about an interface that many people don’t know. This interface focuses on users’ privacy and ensures maximum security on the Internet. This interface, called “CopperheadOS”, has been actively used in Nexus and some Pixel models in recent times.

CopperheadOS had lost its former popularity for a while. It was even reported that Copperhead Limited, the developer company of this interface, had problems in itself and was considering quitting CopperheadOS. However, there has now been a development that has made everyone the opposite. CopperheadOS has been updated based on Android 10 and made available to consumers.

The announcement of Android 10 based CopperheadOS was made through the company’s official Reddit account. In the statements made, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones working with CopperheadOS were reported to receive the new version immediately. This way, many users will be able to immediately start enjoying the new Android 10 based CopperheadOS experience.

The new version of CopperheadOS has all the features of Android 10. Even the new version, which has more than the capabilities of Android 10, promises to keep the safety of consumers at the highest level. In addition, users will be able to customize and adjust the application windows with the new version of CopperheadOS. In addition, the new version of CopperheadOS includes “DuckDuckGo” as the default internet browser.

What the scope of the Android 10-based CopperheadOS will be is currently unknown. The company can offer its new interface for a wider model package or limit the scope of CopperheadOS to Pixel models only. However, it is an indisputable fact that this interface will attract the attention of many users in the future.


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